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4 Hot Copywriting Tips for 2019 4th-Quarter Inbound Marketing

As 2019 continues to wind down, this is an ideal time to review the year to date and also begin planning inbound marketing for next year. Here are four action items to consider:

1. Develop Case Studies About a Few Client Success Stories

Do you have three or four customers who can serve as champions for your organization? If so, have your copywriter develop case studies about their experiences with your products or services. Also, be sure to line up a graphic designer to create a layout for each case study (complete with photos and graphics) for a professional touch. Oh, and think about all the ways you can distribute these documents: You can incorporate your new case studies in online marketing, sales presentations, media kits, direct mail campaigns and trade show displays.

2. Start Planning Your Annual Report

Is it too early to do this? Not at all! Schedule a kickoff meeting with your copywriter to get the ball rolling. Working together, you can explore possible thematic approaches, discuss content ideas, and formulate a timeline for the production of your 2019 report.

3. Refresh Your Company’s Brand

Here are some reasons why your company’s brand may need rebooting:

  • Your company underwent a big change via a merger, sell-offs or acquisitions during 2016.
  • Your target audiences changed.
  • Your market needs and requirements changed.
  • The products and services your company offers changed.
  • Your company’s brand has been weakened, due to internal or external forces at work.
  • Your feel your company’s brand is stale or out of touch.
  • It has been a while since you evaluated your company’s brand.
  • Your company is experiencing a slow period or a growth cycle.

After you pinpoint the primary reason(s) why your current brand needs to be updated, you can work with your copywriter to begin a brand-refresh process with confidence.

4. Study Competitors’ Marketing Efforts

Have your copywriter conduct online research to evaluate what competitors have been saying and doing throughout the year, and request a summary report that you can read and share with other executives in your company. This document can be a useful tool as you plan your inbound marketing communications for 2020.

Okay — ready, set, go: Act on any or all of these tips to maximize your 4th-quarter inbound marketing efforts!

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