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10 Proven Steps for Creating Powerful Brand Ambassador Profiles

By Tracy Glass

In an earlier post, I explained how you can boost brand equity by spotlighting employees through the use of brand ambassador profiles. I also mentioned that you can recruit brand ambassadors from other categories of people, such as partners, board members, key influencers and customers—whoever can champion your company’s core values and thereby help you meet your marketing communication objectives.

If you are wondering exactly how brand ambassador profiles are developed, then read on: I’m about to reveal my proven-effective process for creating profiles from start to finish.

Ready? Okay (drumroll, please), here’s how the process works:

STEP 1: I have a kickoff discussion with my client to gather preliminary input, learn about key objectives, and ask a series of questions to gather other important information I need to proceed.

STEP 2: I hunker down in my private office (a cup of freshly brewed coffee within arm’s reach) and draft a master list of proposed questions for the phone interviews. Then I email those questions to my client for his/her review and feedback.

STEP 3: I gather my client’s feedback and go about revising the list of questions, if necessary. At this point, I email the final list of questions to verify that we are ready to move forward. (Communication is KEY to keeping my clients in the loop!)

STEP 4: I collect brief details (from my client) about each person I am about to interview—i.e., name, title, job description, contact information and best day/time to call. I also try to find out if my client wants me to put a specific “spin” on any of the profiles by emphasizing a certain viewpoint, experience, event or topic. Then I wait for the green light to begin contacting the targeted individuals.

STEP 5: I contact each person to arrange a day and time for a phone interview, and then I add those appointments to my master calendar.

STEP 6: I conduct each phone interview, which usually lasts about 20 to 25 minutes. However, completion of all necessary phone interviews can take days or weeks, depending on the scope of the project and availability of interviewees.

STEP 7: I create a transcript of each interview, which serves as an important source document for the writing process (because all quotes need to be accurate, of course).

STEP 8: I develop a rough draft for each profile. Then I edit that draft to polish and perfect the content, tone and flow, as well as grammar and punctuation. The splendid result is dubbed my “initial draft.”

STEP 9: I submit the initial drafts to my client, who then forwards each draft to the appropriate individual for review. (Although, sometimes a client will want me to handle all of the back-and-forth emailing and coordination—which I’m happy to do.)

STEP 10: If a profiled person requests revisions, then I incorporate those changes and submit a final draft for approval. Typically, one round of revisions is all that is needed.

Voilá—Now you know this seasoned copywriter’s secrets for creating powerful brand ambassador profiles

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