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7 Ways to Leverage Brand Ambassador Profiles

By Tracy Glass

As I mentioned in my previous post, brand ambassador profiles can help you build brand equity by making your company seem more genuine, trusted and relevant.

So let’s explore various uses for these multi-purpose marketing tools! Here are seven ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Post the Profiles on Your Website – Collateral materials serve magnificently as high-value web content, and brand ambassador profiles are no exception. Have each one professionally designed and saved as a PDF. Then upload all the PDFs to one dedicated section on your site (to corral the profiles in one convenient place) and link to that section from your home page.

2. Pull Excerpts into Press Releases – A high-quality brand ambassador profile is chock full of quotes, which are golden nuggets of goodness for PR purposes.

3. Feature the Profiles in Your Newsletter – Whether your newsletter is printed or digital, you need a constant stream of content to fill it. Brand ambassador profiles are perfect for this purpose.

4. Beef Up Environmental Branding – Showcase brand ambassadors in a public area of your facility via posters, light boxes or a video display. Ideally, you want to combine a photo of each brand ambassador with a select quote or two from his/her profile for brevity.

5. Employ Profiles as Sales Tools – Distribute professionally designed and printed versions of the profiles to your sales force to use as presentation handouts or leave-behind materials.

6. Weave Excerpts into an Editorial Article – And then pitch the article to a local or industry publication.

7. Include Printed Profiles in Targeted Direct Mail – Combine one or more profiles with a well-written cover letter that includes a clear call-to-action.

Key takeaway: Brand ambassador profiles can be used in multiple ways to enhance your marketing communication efforts!

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